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Wholesale Program

Nationwide Shipping
Local Pickup (Sarasota Area)


Ethically Sourced
Organic Tea


Wholesale Bagged tea Sarasota and nationwide

Tea Bags

Loose Leaf Tea in convenient bags

Made with natural unbleached abaca pulp

  • High Grade Premium Tea

  • In-house tea bagging

  • All varieties available

  • Organic 

  • Competitive Pricing

Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea Organic, Sarasota and nationwide

Bulk Loose Leaf Tea

Cafe Style Organic Chai Concentrate

Black, Green, Oolong, Herbal, Purple, White

  • High Grade Premium Tea

  • Single Origin

  • Organic 

  • Unique Regions

wholesale organic chai concentrate unsweetened

Chai Concentrate

Cafe Style Organic Chai Concentrate

Premium alternative to Rishi, Tazo & Oregon Trail for the same or similar cost.

  • 2:1 ratio vs standard 1:2 ratio

  • Use less concentrate in each latte

  • Makes 32-9 oz lattes

  • Organic Ingredients

  • Easy to use pour spout bag

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